Born and raised in Southern California, Sumiya Swoboda-Nichols was gifted with the opportunity to travel the world with her father throughout her youth and assist him with their family business. They explored luscious lands in South American, Asia and Africa, seeking the finest gems and minerals in their natural origins. Sumiya learned at a young age that no distance is too great while in search of the earth's rate and most beautiful treasures. She found herself not only enchanted with the pieces she and her father discovered together, but also the rich cultures to which she was explored during her excursions.

Naturally, Sumiya's passion for finding and acquiring unusual carvings, beads, gemstones and coral led her to study at the Gemological Institute of America. Labeled as "The Harvard of Gemology" by the Chicago Sun-Times, GIA offers unparalleled training and competitive curricula, creating the most "trustworthy professionals in the business," as claimed by the Wall Street Journal. Sumiya earned her Graduate Gemologist Degree at GIA, excelling in their prestigious excellence at the institute.
Sumiya yearned to combine her professional training with her strong passion for gemstones and natural materials to create a truly unique line of jewelry. Her goal was to design a collection that pairs modern trends in fashion with stories of the distant lands and exotic cultures from which each jewelry, gem, and metal was discovered.
Sumiya took a risk and recruited various stay-at-home mothers in Southern California, to help her hand make each of her designs. This decision was considered unorthodox by other artisans in the industry who rely on mass manufacturing or overseas assembly lines. Sumiya's choice, however, proved to be wise as the quality other line exceeds most. "Housewives are the best employees ever," claims Sumiya, "they get the opportunity to supplement at their own pace. They also get a taste of some of the rare and exotic beauty that the earth possesses. It is my pleasure to work with these talented women, and I owe much of my success to them."
All the materials used in Sumiya's designs for women and men are natural in origin. Colorful gemstones, beautiful cultured pearls, exotic shells, rich mother-of-pearl and a variety of hard-to-find deep-sea corals can all be found in her collection. She uses the finest metals to encase these treasures – metals such as fine and sterling silver, 14k gold-filled and 14k gold.

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