The RESORT concept was developed to introduce the SUMIYA Jewelry line into Country Club and Resort settings with ease. The jewelry is set up as a consignment-product relationship, with little upfront investment. The displays and set-ups are all provided, using easy to follow visual tools. Each store will be provided with neck stands, bracelet and earring displays. The inventory is replaced with a fresh, entirely new jewelry line every 60 days. A photo of the finished jewelry display is provided along with replacement pieces, so the display looks full and finished at all times.

When you reach the end of the 60 day cycle, you will receive the new jewelry pieces. You will then be required to return all unsold pieces and will only be billed for all sold jewelry pieces. The billing cycle will take place every 90 days. An inventory sheet will be provided for easy inventory control.

Enhance and refine the look of your gift shop, golf-pro shop or store. Increase your income without a risky investment. SUMIYA Jewelry is a beautiful fashion-forward jewelry line made from the best natural materials. SUMIYA Jewelry consists of genuine gemstones, precious corals and cultured pearls. The metals and findings are 14k gold-filled, 14k gold- vermeil and the purest of metals. All pieces are fabricated and assembled here in the U.S.A., nothing is out-sourced overseas.

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